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Fox3 Palworld Dedicated Servers FAQ

1. How quickly will my server be set up after purchase?

  • We pride ourselves on speed! Your server will typically be up and running within an hour of your purchase, ensuring you can dive into Palworld with minimal delay.

2. What kind of hardware do your servers run on?

  • Only the best for our gamers! Our Palworld Dedicated Servers boast top-of-the-line EPYC Processors and lightning-fast NVMe Drives to deliver unparalleled performance for your gaming experience.

3. How do I manage my server?

  • Easy web access is part of the package. After you purchase, we’ll send you a welcome email with all the necessary links and login details to access our web-based server management tool.

4. Is there a subscription model for the server?

  • Yes, a monthly subscription is required to keep your Palworld server active. If your subscription ends for any reason, your server will also be automatically deactivated.

5. What control do I have over my Palworld server?

  • You’re in command! Server owners can tweak a wide range of settings, including the server name, difficulty levels, and whether to enable co-op or PVP gameplay modes.

6. How is tech support handled?

  • Join the community for support. All technical assistance is provided through our Discord server. After getting your web administration login, you can join us at Discord ( to get the help you need.

7. How do I access customer and tech support areas on Discord?

  • Once you're on our Discord, you'll need to open an onboarding ticket. This grants you access to exclusive customer areas, including our tech support hub.

8. Can I receive tech support through email or your website?

  • To keep things streamlined and efficient, we offer tech support exclusively through our Discord server. This ensures you get the fastest and most focused help possible.

9. What are the tech support hours?

  • We’re here for you most of the day! Tech support is available from 10 AM to 10 PM EST, Monday through Saturday, ready to solve any issues you encounter.


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