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Fox3 - Ready to Fly - FAQ

Updated: Jul 20

How it all works with your new Fox3 DCS Server

We get asked many questions about how the service is provided to our customers. Here are some of the most common questions and answers:

Our mission is to provide excellent easy-to-use DCS servers and are ready to fly when you are.

1. How do I upload missions?

Fox3 provides a means to upload mission files, we use a cloud drive. Your onboarding will detail how that all works. You login to your cloud drive with your Fox3 user ID and Password.

We also provide access to Mods, Logs, Tacview ACMI files the same way.

** Note some tiers like Co-Op and Value Tier do not have access to mods, logs and Tackview as they are not included with those tiers

2. Can I have access to scripts?

Scripts access is by request only. Access to the scripts folder is for advanced users and can cause server issues so it is closely monitored.

** Available for Squadron Tier and above only.

3. Are updates handled automatically?

Yes, Fox3 update DCS within minutes after it is released. The servers are able to auto-update. In some cases, when EagleDynamics releases very large updates like the recent one with the South Atlantic map it is a manual process for us due to space constraints.

4. Can I have multiple admins for my server?

Yes, each admin must be approved by the server owner and onboarded with an onboarding ticket on our discord. To add additional admins, have them go to #rules on the Fox3 Discord and create onboarding ticket. You will need to share your Fox3 user login with them.

5. Can I have multiple servers?

You can have as many servers as your purchase, each server is separate instances except for Co-Op and Value Tier.

6. Do I have RDP access to my server?

Fox3 does not allow ANY remote desktop access to our servers. We are not a hosting provider, we provide DCS Servers as a service. In order to maintain, monitor and ensure speedy operation, no one but Fox3 staff has access to the operating systems.

7. How do I start / stop my server?

The DCS web interface provides the means to start/stop missions and settings for the server. We provide a user login to access your server via this web interface.

8. What are the hardware specs?

We work hard to make sure these servers are performing great for DCS. Our primary concern is for your experience while flying. Every server is set up with Nvme drives for the best possible performance. CPU and Memory are critical and we have established tiers that work best for the number of pilots. Check on our discord and ask any of our customers how their performance is and they will tell you excellent.

9. Can I put custom liveries on my server?

Your server(s) have limited on space, you have 5G of space for missions mods and anything else. The DCS Server does NOT render any graphics, all graphics are rendered on clients (Players), so NO skins/liveries should ever be on your server. It's just a total waste of space. If we see a liveries directory - we will remove them.

10. Mission Persistence All Fox3 DCS Servers support mission persistence. Our Servers support most methods of Mission Persistence used by the DCS community. Some methods may require code changes in the mission scripts to work properly. Save files are restricted to the DCS missions folder to ensure compatibility. Fox3 Support will NOT support your custom code to make this work, but we do publish information to assist. A note about persistence. If you want to use persistence in our servers you will need to modify the lua scripting to make it work. We have the servers enabled to support persistence like Liberation, Foothold and many others. However to keep costs to our customers as low as possible, we can not support custom scripting or 3rd party functionality that is not native to DCS.

** Persistent missions are only available on Squadron, Air Wing and Air Division Tiers.

11. Can I use a Fox3 DCS Server if I use the STEAM version of DCS?

Yes, the Steam version of DCS us fully supported. Most of the Fox3 servers run the BETA version of DCS. Most if the time if you are using Steam you are on Stable and note BETA. Value Tiers are only in BETA but you can run BETA or STABLE on any other tier. At purchase please make sure you request your preference.

12. Subscriptions are required to have a Fox3 DCS Server. If for any reason the subscription is cancelled, either by failed payment or by request we stop all further payments and immediately turn off your server. ** Note if you cancel your subscription before the first month is complete, we will charge a $35 provisioning fee that is non-refundable. **

13. Pricing All prices are constantly subject to change, our costs constantly change for servers we rent all over the world. When you subscribe your cost will not change unless the subscription lapses. We try to provide constant pricing, however we are subject to supply and pricing of our hosting providers.

14. Tech Support Fox3 offers support via Discord, customers can create tickets for assistance with their server(s). Fox3 tech support is available from 10:00am EST to 10:00pm EST Mon-Sat and closed on Sundays. Fox3 support will not give mission support or scripting instructions for third party functionality.

15. Server Names Every Fox3 server that is live has a server name with the appended | Server-number. We use this to monitor the servers for updates, online statistics etc. This is enforced and required.


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