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Meet the Fox3 Team

The Fox3 Managed Solutions team has grown a bit and if you are an existing customer you've probably already noticed.

Our staff works hard to make your DCS experience great and to make sure your DCS server is Ready To Fly! Feel free to reach out to us on discord any time to say hello or if you have any questions or concerns!


Name: Joe Joe is the founder and owner of Fox3 Managed Solutions. Luck’s

favorite thing about Fox3 is being around all of the aviation

enthusiasts. Luck’s favorite DCS module is the F14B and all the WW2 planes.


Name: Adam Sour is Tech Support and Development with Fox3. His favorite thing

about Fox3 is how easy it is to use. Sour’s favorite DCS module is the F-16CMbl.50. Sour loves being involved in the DCS community. Sour is also a LUA missions wiz! He has done some great work in making missions like Liberation, Foothold and other missions that require special scripting and configurations to run on Fox3 Servers. DJ Name: Brandon DJ is a Server Administrator and Systems Support Specialist. DJ’s favorite part of Fox3 is the flexibility of the service; effortless to have a game server without the hassle of all the

setup and maintenance. His favorite DCS modules are A-10C II and F-16C Mbl.50. DJ is a great programmer and created the ticketing and pairing systems on Discord. DJ is also one of our server administrators.

HAMMER Name: Joe Hammer is Tech Support and Development with Fox3. Hammer handles strategic

development and hardware. Hammer created our monitoring system, which is still in progress.

BLUEBANDIT Name: Alec BlueBandit is a Cybersecurity specialist with Fox3 as well as Tech Support. BlueBandit

is a full-time student so he helps when he can. BlueBandit has built at least 7 of our servers from

the components, he is an excellent hardware resource. BlueBandit's favorite DCS module is the F18


TacticalPink, is Marketing/Social Media for Fox3. Her favorite thing about Fox3 is the connections and the interactions from all around the world. My favorite DCS module is the F14B.