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DCS Warbirds South Pacific PvE/PvP fun. Fly this with friends against the AI or roll it with PvP and AI aircraft as well, either way a big furball in the cards!


As crazy as it seems those damn Nazis have weaseled their way into the South Pacific! (At least until ED and partners give us WWII Japanese forces for the South Pacific) :D After months of study, both sides have determined that the tiny island of Rota is key to total victory in the war. As such both Axis and Allies have mounted assault forces to take the only airfield on the island. Whomever reaches the airfield first with ground forces will decide the fate of the free world!!! Note: Both Axis and Allied Assault convoys have about 2 hours of steaming time to reach the Island where they will launch landing craft. Once ground forces are on the beach it will take them around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the airfield. If there is no victory after 3 hours or so the scenario will be considered a draw and restart. If either side claims victory you will have bragging rights and then the mission will restart. So total run time for the mission is around 3 and half hours either way. Enjoy :D Feel free to edit the mission as you see fit. However, if you break the mission by editing it, I can’t promise to fix it for you. I am happy to answer questions and always enjoy talking DCS and mission development. You can usually find me in the Fox3 Discord. Also big thanks to Fox3 for the great DCS hosting service and helping to foster an ever-growing DCS community!

Race To Rota MDCS Warbirds South Pacific PvE/PvP fun. Fly this with friends

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