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A Louisiana native, Lemoine is a graduate of the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans. After graduating college, Lemoine joined the Air Force Reserve where he flew the F-16 and accumulated one thousand hours including a combat tour in Iraq.

Lemoine later transferred to the Navy Reserve where he flew F/A-18A+ Hornets for four years. In 2018, he transferred back to the Air Force Reserve where he flew the T-38A as an Adversary Air Pilot for four years. He currently flies for a legacy U.S. airline

In 2011, Lemoine received his Instructor Certification in Survival Krav Maga and his Brown Belt in 2012. He is also a Louisiana P.O.S.T. – 1 certified Law Enforcement Officer and former National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certified EMT-Basic.

Lemoine lives in New Orleans with his three rescue dogs Luna, Sniper and Kaiser Von Ruff. When he’s not flying or writing, he enjoys volunteering with local law enforcement, working out, and running with his two dogs.

C.W. started a YouTube channel in 2018, hosting a weekly show called “MONDAYS WITH MOVER.”  Since then, the channel has grown to over 392,000 subscribers..



I flew Apaches, Kiowas and 737s. Now I make video game videos on YouTube… study hard in school, kids!



Welcome to the Flight Simulation Channel!! News, tutorials, reviews, dogfights and strikes, all about Flight Simulation with a special attention to the military side.


The Spudknocker YouTube Channel is the Definitive Channel for highly detailed and in depth DCS World Content.

I specialize in curating large and complex multiplayer missions and campaigns nearly every Sunday for my Discord Community to participate in, and my viewers to enjoy watching!  I also specialize in creating in depth tutorial videos explaining the why not just the how to my viewers to allow them to understand not just which buttons and switches to press or flip, by why we do so giving them the knowledge and confidence to troubleshoot problems when things go wrong.

I also love to show off new DCS World products for Developers to share with the community what new and exciting things are in store for the future of DCS World!

As a Perk of Supporting the channel on Patreon I provide community members with in depth 1 on 1 Training in their chosen module, and you can see many recordings of these sessions to learn from on the channel as well! 


The Hunting Eyes

Diese Staffel wurde im Jahr 03/2023 mit dem Ziel gegründet, all jene einen Flughafen zu bieten, die etwas anderes machen wollen. Der, Die Wert auf Teamwork, eine entspannte Atmosphäre legen und gemeinsam was aufbauen wollen und möchten. Nichts muss, alles kann. Wir wollen dabei den souveränen Umgang mit verschiedenen Mustern und Standardprozeduren beibringen und vermitteln und weiter erarbeiten. 
Zu den von uns regelmäßig geflogenen Mustern zählen:
•    F/A-18C Hornet
•    F 14 -Tomcat
•    F-16C Viper
•    F-14B Tomcat (Pilot & RIO)
•    Mirage 2000C
•    F-15 Strike Eagle (wenn Sie da ist)
•    Und alle anderen 
Wir sind fast immer auf unserem Dedicated Server. Außer ernsthaftem Interesse, einen Hauch von Verrücktheit und einem der oben genannten Muster und der Fähigkeit, einen Cold-Start mit anschließender Platzrunde nach Vorgaben zu fliegen, setzen wir nichts voraus. Die Teilnahme am Training ist für Mitglieder erwünscht, aber nicht verpflichtend.




Republic of Texas

Bogey Dope is an ex-USAF F-16 Crew Chief, who makes short, simple, easy to follow DCS Tutorials, cinematics, and missions on YouTube. His goal is to grow the DCS Community, by breaking down the complexity of DCS Simulation into bite size pieces for those novices who would otherwise never attempt to play because of the complexity.

Founded by TexasCT85, The Republic of Texas has been flourishing since the start. We are very community minded and open to all things new and upcoming. Hosting nightly missions via 1 of our 3 Fox3 server and with experienced flight instructors, our community remains very active and engaging.


We also hold monthly raffles! Since we incorporate all airframes, you’re sure to find yourself something to fly with us. Stop in, check us out.



457th Virtual Fighter Squadron


MeanStreak Gaming

The 457th Virtual Fighter Squadron is looking for motivated pilots to join our ranks. We do not have a limited roster and do not require monthly flights to stay active. We accept all ranges of pilots, from beginner to experienced.

We are a small, but tight knit group. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and our main objectives are to hang out and have fun. We don't care what planes you can fly, what maps you own or what your KD ratio is. Personality, a sense of humor and functioning common sense are most important here. 
Our activities range from full milsim missions to downright stupid stuff ju
st for funsies, but fun and enjoyment are the main focus of our group.
There are no attendance requirements, no module requirements, no rank structure. You fly what you have and we make it work.


57th Wing

 Welcome to 57th Wing!

We are a group of DCS simmers who want to get together to fly sorties, master our aircraft and have some fun doing it. We want to make DCS as accessible as possible to newcomers and welcome every skill level. 

57th Wing is comprised of:

Weapons School

Where we share training missions and help pilots of all skill levels get better at their chosen airframes

Operations Group

For those of us who want a more serious experience running missions and campaigns - a check ride is required to join the operations group.

Air Demonstration Squadron

For our most skilled pilots, the USAF Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron swaps AIM9's for smokes and precision flying - a check ride is required to join the Air Demonstration Squadron

Hope this is all you need! We also have a Facebook Group!


The Jousters

We started using Fox3 Managed Solutions as a web server since June 2021. We needed a web server that could handle the unique requirements of DCS in addition to providing uninterrupted service to our members who live across the U.S. The Jousters are lucky to have Fox3 Managed Solutions meet our needs. They provide excellent service at an affordable price!


The Jousters are a composite (mixed) squadron that flies DCS modeled F-14A/B, F-16C, F/A-18C, Mi-24P, UH-1H aircraft, and a variety of other DCS aircraft modules. Our squadron emphasizes PvE missions with a lot of tongue in cheek role-play fun. The missions we fly vary from easy to hardcore. We schedule organized events once per week, typically on Thursdays.


All skill levels are welcome. To be a Jouster, ask a Jouster. Don't be shy…come to our Discord and say, "Hi!"


Join the Jousters Discord here:

Visit the Jousters Facebook here:

Visit the Jousters YouTube channel here:

Central Arkansas Gaming

We are a small, casual PC/Console/Tabletop gaming community founded in Central Arkansas, but open to all. We have a few dedicated servers we keep running, and a few regular events. Nothing too busy, or formal. Come and join us!


76th SQN Eagle Eye

76th SQN Eagle Eye DCS Community Fly Event Missions once or twice a month. We welcome all pilots from new starters to DCS to the Expert level. Our Public Missions run 24/7 with Paid Maps running and free ones so anyone can enjoy DCS. 

Our Main Events run almost all flyable planes and all flyable helicopters for players to use during the two-hour mission event.  We also Run mods (A-4E, UH-60L, etc) which you are not forced to download to play with us. You can join our Event Missions or Public Missions even if you don't have any mods downloaded. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the DCS Battlefield.

Discord Invite


Joint Task Force 13

Our current membership include members from these countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel, UK, Australia, Brazil, France, Netherlands, and many others. We are Joint Task Force 13, an international group that came together in late July of 2019. JTF-13 is not a mil-sim group, but more of a productive but casual environment. We do not have mandatory flights, or expect everyone to join our campaigns, but we do hope for active participation and ask that our pilots and RIOs show interest in flying with a group. We have many members with various skill sets who support JTF-13 through leadership experience and teaching skills. Many of our pilots offer real life experience including civilian, private, and military aviation. Because of this, our instructor pilots provide full training as needed on the aircraft.

All you have to do is ask! If you are new to flight sims or DCS, you will feel right at home here with our experienced members, as well as our newer members. We are recruiting for many airframes, but we are looking for more F-16 and A-10 pilots.

If you are interested in joining us please visit the application section below!


Apex Aerobatics

Officially established in 2016, Apex Aerobatics originally flew the F-5E Tiger, and later transitioned into a high performance solo show utilizing the Mirage 2000C. We are now in our second season flying the F/A-18C Hornet.

Apex Aerobatics is filled with individuals who strive to be the best that they can be. With a focus on maintaining professionalism through every aspect of our virtual career, we aim to represent not only ourselves, but our affiliates as well in that same light. 

Apex Aerobatics currently represents Echo-19, and The Hercules Development Team.

Since we have started using Fox3, we couldn't have been happier. Being able to join our server at anytime is really nice to have.

If you are interested in checking us out, please visit us at:

Facebook -

Discord -


62nd Virtual Fighter Squadron


Virtual Yellow Jackets

We are the Virtual Yellowjacks Display team.  For our display training, we required a super stable server that was reliable and easy to access for training and WE GOT THAT! It has been absolutely amazing and great service any issues we have had were instantly sorted! 

We founded in 2016 under the DCS Black Widows and at the end of 2020 we decided we wanted to replicate a piece of history Maverick our team founder and extended wing pilot has a love for the gnat and as such thought to bring the Yellowjacks a little known piece of history to the skies!

The 62nd Virtual Fighter Squadron is a fairly new squadron, and when we grew large enough to want a dedicated squadron server, Fox3 was at the top of the list for server providers.


Our experience with Fox3 has been stellar, and the staff are great to work with! Our server was quickly setup, and we we up and running squadron ops the day we ordered ours!

The 62nd VFS is a squadron geared for those who would like to be in a squadron, but due to real life obligations, limited amounts of time to fly, busy work schedules, or family life, may not be able to join a squadron with a more specific focus or training requirements. We welcome DCS pilots of all skill levels on any aircraft, no matter how often you are able to fly. There's no commitment to join, nor any mandatory training in order to become a member of the 62nd. We offer a squadron for you to call home, meet and fly with fellow DCS pilots, and most of all, have fun!

Join our Discord and fly with us!

Do you want to see your group here?

Submit a ticket from our Discord and provide us with a text blurb and squad logos and 

we will get it on our site.

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