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Fox3 Player Alert System Launch!

Updated: Jun 10

Fox3 is happy to announce a new alert system that server owners can now employ to get alerts sent to their own discord servers. This system is available now for all Fox3 customers with Squad Tier or above servers.

While our alert system is still new, we will be adding additional features to it down the road, we appreciate your business.


To take advantage of the Fox3 Discord Alerts is very easy. The first thing you will need a webhook to your discord. If you need help getting a webhook created for discord look at this link:

The next thing you will need to do is determine where you want to alerts to go in your discord, pick a text channel that will not distract you, but people can go and look at the alerts.

The Fox3 alert system will send alerts whenever

- Someone logs IN or OUT of your DCS server

- Your Server goes above 95% utilization of RAM - this causes choppy playing and can be addressed by mission editing

- Your DCS_server.exe process is "not responding" this is usually what happens when DCS crashes - often times caused by 3rd party mods or mission

We will add more alerts over time to our new system. If you do not want to receive the alerts simply remove the file called Fox3-Monitor.cfg in for cloud drive main folder.

If you would like to get these alerts to your discord, then edit the Fox3-Monitor.cfg.example file in the cloud drive main folder to look like this:

**Note the space before and after the =

**Paste your webhook URL and replace this example URL.

Once you have edited the file, you can save it as Fox3-Monitor.cfg

Then reboot your server with a file to the cloud drive main folder to reboot your machine and you will start getting alerts.

Thank you for your feedback, this is a direct result of your suggestions and feedback, we will be add more alerts and a way to opt in and out of specific alerts down the road.

The Fox3 Team


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