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Why Fox3 Hosted DCS Servers?

Once you learn how to fly one of the high-fidelity mods in DCS, like the F-18 or the F-16, you start gaining experience. This experience enhances your proficiency in understanding the operations of flying characteristics, targeting pods, radar, countermeasure systems, etc. Similarly, hosting DCS Servers also has a steep learning curve that includes mastering performance, networking, 3rd party modules, ports, security, and so much more.

At Fox3, we understand what it takes to make the flying experience more realistic, smooth, and as intended by Eagle Dynamics. We have mastered the art of creating these servers, monitoring them, and ensuring they run smoothly. We know the best CPU/Drive combinations and the optimal RAM to use. We understand the ideal network bandwidth for the best possible experience. Why not leave all of this to us?

Our experience over the last 2 years has honed our skills. Whether your group is as large as the 162nd Vipers, which has 6 servers with us, or it's a small group, we have the right server for you. Our servers run 24x7x365 and are ready to fly when you are.

Visit our site today to get your server. We will have it up and running usually in less than an hour.

If you're looking for an entry server, we have our Co-op Tier, suitable for up to about 5 pilots. These servers come with everything you need to fly. We also offer the Value-Tier, which accommodates 8-10 pilots and also has everything you need to fly. If your group would like SRS and access to other 3rd party mods for up to 16 pilots, then the Squadron Tier is for you. For larger groups, we have the Wing Tier that offers everything, including LotATC and 40 pilot slots. For even larger groups wanting up to 80 slots, the Division Tier is ready for you.

Fox3 is Ready to Fly, are you?


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