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  • Patches for DCS, SRS, LotATC, Tacview and OS

  • Web Access to DCS Server

  • Support for Liberation Missions and persisten missions (requqires LUA scirpting knowledge)

  • includes LotATC and TacView support

  • Cloud access to upload mission files

  • All Fox3 Server use nvme drives for the best possible performance

  • 24G of RAM

​Supports Approx. 60 Pilots Slots

Division Tier - Yearly Contract

SKU: Division Tier Yearly Contract
$1,250.00 Regular Price
$1,050.00Sale Price
Price Options
Division Tier
Everything needed up to 60 pilots
$1,050.00every year for 2 years
  • Everything needed for up to 60+pilots persistent server

  • This item requires an ACTIVE subscription.  If your payment failes it automatically cancels the subscription.  If you don't have an active subscription the service terminates automatically.  There are no exceptions.

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