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Add-On Mod for DCS Spotlight: LotATC

What is LotATC

LotAtc is a complete simulation environment with client + server software which can connect with DCS World Simulator or work standalone with LotAtc Generator. It provides users to get an ATC/GCI view of the battle. Play the role of a tactical or air traffic controller and provide help to human pilots so that they better accomplish their missions, by radioing them a picture or guidance instructions!

LotATC on Fox3 Servers

Fox3 Wing Tier Servers and above come with LotATC pre-installed. The server installation allows users with LotATC clients to connect and use the software. From personal experiences having a human GCI involved in your missions creates a real sense of immersion. I was never a real fighter-pilot and never served, but we fly DCS for the realistic feel it has.

Using LotATC

Using LotATC is straight forward your client connects to the server and you get a birds eye AWACS view of the battlefield. Sending flights to intercepts and targets during your missions.


Having several people running LotATC is even better, you have ATC's at your field, Carriers, target locations and intercepts. Much better than the computer generated GCI's.

Potential Drawbacks

Like all 3rd party mods they can come with a slight drain on system resources or framerates etc. Some users have seen additional resources being used and slower framerates.


LotATC adds a realness to the DCS experience that is very enjoyable, the downsides of using LotATC are minimal and if there are problems it's usually due to another 3rd party module installed such as High Digit SAMS.

If you want LotATC on your server, Fox3 installs LotATC on ALL WingTier and larger servers.


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