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Can you remember your DCS conversion?

I was always interested in aviation. My very first online multi-player aviation game was "Air Warrior on Genie, it had terrible graphics and it costs $3.00 hour to play. I remember despite the terrible graphics that I was so addicted to playing against other people that I spent $90/mo on it!

Now far into my virtual flight career, I had DCS since the early days and never flew online until 2020. I remember trying it out online and thinking " This is like a entire new game ". That's when I decided that if I was going to be worth a hoot, I would need to invest in my hobby. I remember thinking that I needed to get a HOTAS and learn to fly right-handed. I only flew with a left handed stick and handled all my views with the number pad. After researching and spending money on a new computer, a HOTAS throttle and new stick, I learned to fly right-handed! That little exercise set me back about $3,000 for the computer, and flight controls. I bought a Warthog throttle and Virpil Warbird with the F14 stick. Later, I bought the Virpil rudder pedals.

I still feel dirty and guilty if I play something else! Simply because of the investment I have in DCS at the moment. Not to mention the countless maps, modules and customizations I've added.

DCS has been such a positive decision, I got involved with a fantastic community of like-minded folks that above all love aviation like I do. Tell us about your conversion and entrance into the DCS community! I would love to hear it!


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