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The new VALUE Tier is live!

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

We want to make our services available to the entire DCS community, so we listened to your feedback and have come up with a VALUE Tier that is $24/mo.

This new Tier is for smaller groups up to about 8 pilots. We provide everything you need to a no frills turn-key DCS experience.

Because we wanted to keep this as low cost as possible, we decided to make this tier a lighter version of our Micro Tier.

  • You get a DCS Server and a means to change missions and everything works 24x7x365 with the same support we give all the other tiers.

  • We keep it patched and upgraded

  • We do all the maintenance and ensure it runs smoothly as possible

What is NOT included:

  • No Server side Mods

  • No support for Liberation Missions

  • No SRS

  • No LotATC

  • No Tacview

If you need these consider one of the higher Tier offerings that support them.



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