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Fox3 DCS Server FAQ - Ready to Fly!

Updated: 17 hours ago

How it all works with your new Fox3 DCS Server

France (6), Poland (2), Germany (1), Sydney (1), East Coast USA (10), West Coast USA (9). At the time of order we determine the best location for your server and add it there.

Our Mission At Fox3 our mission to enhance the DCS community by providing top-notch DCS Servers that are ready to fly when you are. We strive to make things as easy as possible within the limits of DCS.

1. Uploading Missions Fox3 makes it simple to upload your mission files using a cloud drive. Detailed instructions on this process will be provided during your onboarding. Access your cloud drive with your Fox3 user ID and password. This same method is used for accessing Mods, Logs, and Tacview ACMI files. Note: Access to mods, logs, and Tacview ACMI files is not available for Co-Op and Value Tier subscriptions.

2. Script Access Access to scripts is granted upon request and is designed for advanced users due to potential server impacts. It's closely monitored for this reason. Available exclusively for Squadron Tier subscribers and above.

3. DCS Updates Fox3 servers automatically update minutes after a new release from DCS. For significant updates, such as the South Atlantic map, manual intervention may be required due to space constraints.

4. Multiple Admins Server owners can approve additional admins. New admins must complete an onboarding ticket via our Discord. Share your Fox3 user login for their access.

5. Multiple Servers Purchase as many servers as you need. Each one operates independently, with the exception of Co-Op and Value Tier servers.

6. RDP Access Fox3 does not permit any form of remote desktop access to maintain, monitor, and ensure optimal server performance.

7. Starting/Stopping Your Server The DCS web interface allows you to start/stop missions and adjust server settings. Server access is provided through a unique user login.

8. Hardware Specifications Our servers are optimized for DCS performance, featuring NVMe drives, and ample CPU and memory to accommodate the number of pilots.

9. Custom Liveries Your server includes 5GB for missions, mods, and other files. Since the DCS Server doesn't render graphics, storing skins/liveries is unnecessary and discouraged to conserve space.

10. Mission Persistence Fox3 supports various methods of mission persistence. Some may require adjustments to mission scripts for compatibility. Custom scripting support is limited, but guidance is available. Persistent missions are supported on ALL Fox3 DCS Servers.

11. STEAM Version Compatibility Fox3 fully supports the Steam version of DCS. Most servers run the BETA version, but both BETA and STABLE versions are supported across different tiers.

12. Subscription Cancellation Cancel your subscription via our website or by creating a ticket on our Discord. Note: Partial month refunds are not provided.

13. Failed Payments Failed payments lead to immediate server deactivation, followed by a 48-hour countdown to server deletion. Prompt subscription renewal is advised to avoid data loss.

14. Pricing Prices may change due to fluctuating server costs globally. Your subscription rate remains constant unless it lapses.

15. Tech Support Available via Discord ticket system from 10:00am to 10:00pm EST, Monday to Saturday. Direct messaging of staff for support is not permitted.

16. Server Naming All active Fox3 servers must include "| Server-number" in their name for monitoring purposes.

17. DCS Module Purchases Do not use your Fox3 User ID for DCS module purchases. Any such purchases must be transferred to your personal account through ED support.

18. Password Changes Changing your Fox3 DCS site password without authorization is prohibited. For password changes, create a ticket on our Discord for assistance.

19. All subscriptions expire after 1 year. Pricing changes cause us to have to expire subscriptions after a period of 1 year for monthly and quarterly subscriptions. Our costs change very frequently and sometimes we need to adjust based on new costs. The 1 year subscriptions are good for two billing cycles or two years. We do everything we can to keep costs low but the server providers we use frequently raise the costs of bandwidth, servers, memory, disk space etc. Thank you for your understanding. When you subscription is expiring you will receive a notice and you can re-purchase at the current price to continue.

20. Can I get discord alerts about my Fox3 DCS Server? Yes! Check out this link: for instructions. Our servers will send alerts when:

  • When players login and logout of your DCS server

  • When the mission changes

  • If DCS stops responding or crashes

  • If your server RAM usage is over 96%

  • if your server CPU usage is over 80%


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