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DCS (Free) Mods Review

Our users are free to install mods on their servers, here are some of the better ones that we've seen. Most of these mods are client side and don't need to be installed on the server.

  • The Douglas A-4E-C this is a free module that is superbly done. The cockpit and flight models are high fidelity and historic accuracy is top notch. The jet was used as attack aircraft in the mid 1970's and there are some countries that still use the A-4 today. The A-4E can be downloaded from here: and this post, the A-4E-C needs to be installed on the server to function 100% and the cockpit needs to be open to re-arm. This is one of my favorite mods out there. It is very similar to the F-5.

  • The North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is an American twin-turboproplight attack and observation aircraft. It was developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counter-insurgency (COIN) combat, and one of its primary missions was as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. It can carry up to 3,200 lb (1,450 kg) of external munitions and internal loads such as paratroopers or stretchers, and can loiter for three or more hours. This mod only needs to be installed on the client not the server. It can be downloaded from here: This mod is still early access.

  • The Way is a free mod that imports waypoints from DCS F10 map into the plane navigation system, like a Data Transfer Cartridge. Supported modules: F-16 F/A-18 (make sure you are not in the TAC menu) A-10C and A-10C2 Mirage 2000 AV8BNA Harrier Ka-50 Blackshark AH-64D Apache How to install? Download the latest zip file from the Releases section, and extract The Way folder inside it in a convenient location, from where you will run the program. Copy the TheWay.lua file from the folder you just extracted into Users/YourUsernameHere/Saved Games/DCS/Scripts. The DCS folder name may be DCS.openbeta if you are on the openbeta version of the game. Edit the Export.lua file there and append this line at the end of the file, and save it: local TheWayLfs=require('lfs'); dofile(TheWayLfs.writedir()..'Scripts/TheWay.lua') If there is no Export.lua file already existing there, create it yourself, and it should include only the line above. Launch TheWay.exe and go fly! The latest version can be found here This mod does not go on the server only on the client.

There are MANY other great 3rd party mods, like the Hercules, F22, F35, SU-35 etc. If I get some comments in this blog, I will review some others. Also if you would like me to cover a topic, please post a suggestion.


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