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Fox3 Announces Pricing and Tier Changes

Fox3 Managed Solutions has changed Tier and Pricing to be more accessible to everyone.

  • We have added a new Micro tier for players with smaller groups at a lower price, because this is an entry point server the resources are lower and therefore we can not support LotATC and Tacview on these servers. However, we do support Liberation missions.

  • We changed the Tier A and B to allow for more players and a reduced price from our previous Tier B and C tiers. Tier A can now support up to 40 players and Tier B up to 80 players. Tacview is installed and ready to be used, you will need a Tacview key to take full advantage of Tacview. LotATC is also installed and configured on these servers.

  • We removed Tier C & D but, we can implement these larger servers as-needed. Reach out to us if you need more than 80 player slots



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