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Fox3 Is Just Taking Off!

Thank you for you support and patronage so far. We are just taking off. Having crossed some interesting milestones recently.

Fox3 now has 3 functioning Data Centers in Atlanta, Detroit and Warsaw. We are also in search of additional data centers in Asia Pacific / Oceania, as well as another US data center.

We are also planning another event coming soon, more details will follow as the get settled.

We have had some growing pains, we feel like we are supporting the DCS community well, but would like your feedback. The best place for it is our Discord under Customer Feedback

  • We are interested to know what you would like to see as part of our services

  • What we are doing well?

  • What we need to improve?

This will help us formulate the best possible offerings and service for you and the DCS community as well.

From Fox3 Managed Solutions thank you! Please give us that feedback. I have received some good emails. Our customers have been great!



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