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Support Our Troops with a Cup of Comfort

Support Our Troops with a Cup of Comfort

At Fox3, we recognize the immense sacrifices made by our service members every day. That’s why we’re excited to launch a fundraiser aimed at delivering a little comfort—right to the front lines. We’ve partnered with Ohio Roasting Company, a business that shares our respect and appreciation for the military, to send freshly roasted coffee to the deployed troops of the Georgia National Guard.

We are committed to raising funds to send over 300 bags of coffee directly to 1LT Caleb Swope and his fellow service members. Your donation can help us reach this goal. Just $15 ensures one more bag of coffee can be shipped to our troops, giving them a taste of home and the warmth of knowing they are remembered.

Ohio Roasting Company has generously agreed to offer their premium coffee at a steep discount, ensuring that your contributions go further towards supporting our troops.

How You Can Help: Please consider making a donation link here to help us bring a comforting cup of coffee to our troops. Every contribution counts, no matter the size. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Thank you for your support and for considering this gesture of appreciation for those who serve us all so valiantly.


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