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Fox3 Managed Solutions a Sponsor for the ACES 22-1 tournament!

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Fox3 is a proud sponsor of the ACES 22-1 Tournaments in 2022!

Dear Air Warriors!

Phoenix Task Force welcomes you to join the other Elite Squadrons of DCS World in the first event of the sequel, ACES 22-1.

Commencing from 21st January 2022, the event will provide an opportunity to the participating Squads to compete against each other in a broader spectrum of what DCS has to offer.

Key Features of the event includes:

• Flexible aircrew requirements as per the assigned tasks of the Air Tasking Orders (ATOs).

• Multiple airframes which includes (not limited to) Viper, Hornet, Tomcat, Jeff, Eagle, Mirage 2000C, F-5E, Mig-29, SU-33, SU-27, SU-25, Mig-21 etc

• Multiple realistic A/A competitive combat scenarios which includes 2v2/2v4/4v4 and 6v6

• A/G weapon employment tasks against stationary targets with various ordnance and profiles

• Formation flying precision and AAR proficiency will no more go unrewarded

• Bonus events to prove your supremacy, Penalties to hit your weaknesses.

• Supervised by volunteer dedicated DCS pilots as AirBoss, self-assessed and simple grading system is in place for all events to ensure you train well and excel in all domains to claim the Title.

Stay Geared Up Flyboys as we need you Spring-Loaded to the Combat Mode!


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1 Comment

work hard play hard! shout out to Fox3 for great, stable, fast servers!

some practice from VMFA part of the ACES22-1 Comp.

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