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Fox3 Welcomes The Black Knights Squadron

Fox3 would like to extend a warm welcome to the Black Knights Squadron, these guys have been flying together for over 20 years!

Black Knights Squadron:

We are a group of aviation and flight sim enthusiasts who love to fly cooperative combat missions together in multiplayer. What began as dedicated LAN parties in the late 1990’s eventually evolved into online meets over the course of several years. As the Internet and multiplayer gaming evolved, our group formally organized into a private squadron, and the virtual Black Knights were officially established in 2003.

Members of our squadron get the opportunity to fly a variety of aircraft over many theaters of operation. We design in-house exclusive missions and campaigns that offer our members something they can’t find in single-player or your typical online servers… teamwork and purpose. These immersive missions are often story-driven and feature realistic depictions of famous historical battles or fictional ‘what if’ scenarios based on real-world settings. They all share a common focus on cooperative, multi-role, PVE combat.

Presently, the Black Knights are flying a variety of fixed and rotary-wing combat aircraft in “DCS World” across multiple theaters of conflict and present-day hot spots.


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