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Major Upgrade Announcement for Fox3's European Data Centers

Fox3 is thrilled to announce a massive upgrade to our European data centers! We're consolidating several smaller data centers into a single, larger, and more advanced facility.

Over the next three weeks, we will be relocating all servers to our new data center in Hamburg, Germany. During this transition, you may experience some outages, but we aim to perform most of the work during nighttime hours to minimize disruption.

As part of this consolidation:

  • The Poland data center will close, and all "E" servers will move to Hamburg.

  • We will shut down data centers "F2," "F3," and "F5," with their servers also moving to Hamburg.

  • The "G1" data center will close, and its servers will relocate to the new facility, which will be named "G2."

Our new data center will feature the latest high-end server hardware and boast internet connections that are 10 times faster. This upgrade will significantly enhance performance, providing an even better DCS experience.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we transition to this new hardware!

Thank you, The Fox3 Team


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