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MODS for DCS are now Self Serve!

If you would like to add 3rd party mods on your Fox3 DCS Server, you now have a means to install them!

In the past if you want a mod, you needed to let us know so we can get it installed for you, now you have the control to do it yourself and add the mods you want.

The same way you upload missions you can now upload 3rd party mods to the server. In the missions folder on your customer cloud drive, you will see a mods folder. Simply extract your mod locally and place the mod in this folder just as you would locally into your saved games folder\DCS\Mods.

Once the server reboots your mod will be live and you can include that mod in you next mission.

Enjoy! If you need help contact us on Tech-Support via Discord.

**You have 5 Gigabytes of space for missions and mods, if you need more we can upgrade you for a minimal upcharge.


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