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Olympus is being evaluated on Fox3 Servers

Many of you have expressed interest in the mod called Olympus.

The Olympus Mod is probably one of the most anticipated 3rd party mods in DCS at the moment. The creators of this mod are all about making great add-ons for the DCS community. Fox3 is very excited about this mod and working with these talented community creators.

We have a few servers testing and evaluating this mod, from what we can see so far it's well written and extreamly useful. The developers that created Olympus are working closely with us and we certainly appreicate that.

Like any 3rd party mod for DCS you can get yourself into some trouble with it as well. It allows you to spawn AI while actually in the running mission, this can be exteamly useful but if you spawn 10 Super Carriers, you will crash your server.

More information will follow, this is unlike most mods as it requires new ports open and additional installations of software. The support impact is not quite known yet, but we will certainly keep you posted as news comes in.

You can find out more about this mod from here:


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