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Skin In The GameFX Going Live!

Attention DCS Community, the Fox3 Liveries creator Skin In The GameFX is excited to announce that they will be launching their platform very soon! The team has been diligently working to ensure a seamless user experience, and they are eager to showcase their innovative approach to liveries.

We have put together a comprehensive video demonstration to provide you with a sneak peek into the amazing liveries and functionalities that will be available. Stay tuned for the official release, which is anticipated to be within this week!

Currently, there are approximately 20 live F18C templates ready for you to choose from. However, the team has expanded their efforts by bringing on board 6 additional talented artists who are dedicated to creating a diverse range of aircraft templates. This expansion means that users can look forward to a wider selection of liveries across various aircraft models.

We deeply appreciate your patience and support throughout this journey. Developing this platform has been a labor of love that has spanned over 2 years and has required the dedication of a small yet incredibly talented team. Your enthusiasm and anticipation are what drive us to continue expanding and enhancing the liveries available to the DCS community.

Special thanks to our team: Sour, BlueBandit, Helix, Hammer, Waters and Luck.


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