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Spotlight on The Hornet School: A Year of High-Flying Success


At Fox3, we're proud to shine a spotlight on one of our most valued customers, The Hornet School. Over the past year, this vibrant community has not only soared in the world of DCS but has also made significant contributions to causes we hold dear, including being the top donors at our Fox3 Triathlon Tournament benefiting


About The Hornet School


The Hornet School is the premier Discord community dedicated to mastering the F-18 in DCS. What started as a small group of four DCS enthusiasts has now transformed into an expansive network of over 800 members, including more than 15 dedicated mentors. Their mission is simple yet profound: to teach and guide anyone eager to embark on their DCS multiplayer journey.


Education and Mentorship


With a robust and effective six-lesson syllabus, the mentors at The Hornet School have helped over three dozen pilots earn their virtual wings, guiding them through every step of their learning process. This educational powerhouse has become a beacon for both novices seeking fundamental training and seasoned veterans desiring a community that's centered around one of the most iconic fighter jets in history.


Community and Collaboration


The Hornet School's commitment to its members extends beyond individual training. Understanding that each pilot has unique preferences, they have partnered with over ten established and respected DCS squadrons and communities. This collaborative spirit ensures that every member finds a group that best suits their play style, enhancing their DCS experience.


Join the Adventure


Whether you're starting your journey or looking to deepen your engagement with the DCS community, The Hornet School offers a welcoming and supportive environment. By joining this renowned community, you'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that your virtual piloting skills reach new heights.


We are incredibly proud to support The Hornet School as they continue to grow and foster a passionate community of DCS enthusiasts. Their dedication to both their members and charitable causes exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and generosity that we cherish.


Join The Hornet School today through their Discord here ( and see what you've been missing out on!



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