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🏆 The Fox3 Triathlon Tournament: A Resounding Success! 🏆

We are thrilled to announce the conclusion of the electrifying Fox3 Triathlon Tournament, a testament to skill, strategy, and solidarity in the world of digital combat simulation. This event wasn't just a showcase of talent; it was a beacon of hope, raising significant funds for a noble cause.

🌟 Stellar Achievements Unveiled 🌟

Through the generosity of participants and supporters, we amassed a remarkable $1,585.00 in donations. In a grand gesture of commitment, Fox3 has stepped up to augment this amount by $415.00, bringing our grand total to an impressive $2,000.00. We had a $500 donation directly at the K9's site. So we raised a total of $2,500! These funds will directly support K9sForWarriors, an organization dedicated to providing service dogs to veterans facing the challenges of PTSD.

🎮 Electrifying Events and Unforgettable Moments 🎮

Over three exhilarating days, participants engaged in thrilling competitions that tested their skills to the limit. From the precision of the Bombing Run to the adrenaline of the Landing Competition, and the breathtaking speed of the Canyon Race, each event was a showcase of camaraderie and resilience. Thankfully, the tournament concluded with no serious injuries, only lasting memories of fun and fellowship.

🙏 Heartfelt Appreciation to Our Champions 🙏

We extend our deepest gratitude to our esteemed sponsors: Eagle Dynamics, On Your Twelve, Casmo of CasmoTV, Crunch and Fox3. Their generous contributions have enriched our tournament with exciting prizes and unwavering support.

A special salute to our streamers and personalities: Casmo, Spudknocker, Andrei Celeste, Mover, Gonky, Bogey Dope and our very own Hammy. Their exceptional commentary and dedication to the event have been pivotal to its success, providing both entertainment and insight to participants and viewers alike. Thank you to Bitboy at Fox3 for creating our event missions!

🥇 The Victors of Valor 🥇

The tournament's fierce competition unveiled champions who not only showcased their prowess but also their spirit of sportsmanship. Congratulations to the winners, who stood out among the elite:

  • 1st Place: Venom, reigning supreme with an overall score of 72.5

  • 2nd Place: A tie between Shadow and Salmon, showcasing remarkable talent at a score of 72

  • 3rd Place: Belli, with a commendable combined score of 69.4

  • 4th Place: Happy, shining bright with 65.0

  • 5th Place: Droya, with a strong finish at 63

  • 6th Place: A tie between Raven116 and Echo, both at 62.0

🌍 A Tribute to Our Heroes 🌍

Our heartfelt thanks go to for their unparalleled dedication to our veterans and their service dogs. Your efforts are a beacon of hope, transforming lives one day at a time. If you would like to make an additional donation head to their site and hit the red button Donate Now (link here)

In Conclusion

The Fox3 Triathlon Tournament has been a monumental success, not only in the realm of virtual aviation but in making a tangible difference in the lives of our heroes. We look forward to seeing what the future holds and hope to see you all in our next adventure!

Fly High, Fight Hard, and Support Our Veterans!


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