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Top Gun Tournament Rules

Fox3 Managed Solutions: Top Gun Tournament Rules August 9th and 10th 2024

This tournament is a 1 v 1 guns only dogfighting tournament in jet aircraft to benefit

1. No Shooting Before the Merge - Guns Only

2. Winning Conditions:

- A win is secured when an opposing aircraft is shot down or crashes.

- Victory is only confirmed when the opposing plane is either a smoldering wreck or completely inoperable - and only when the judges call it over is it over.

3. Advancement:

- Winners will progress to the next match in a single-elimination format.

4. Match Settings:

- Labels set to dot only.

- Each match will consist of a best-of-three format with 5-minute rounds.

- The winner is the first player to win two rounds.

- If there is no winner after 5 minutes, the round is considered a draw.

- In the event of a tie after three rounds, a sudden-death round will determine the winner. Sudden death rounds will continue until one plane hits the ground, with the last player to hit the ground being declared the winner.

5. Pre-Merge Ground Hits:

- If a pilot hits the ground before the merge, they are allowed one redo. If it happens again, they lose the match.

6. Combat Restrictions:

- Guns only, with HEI-T rounds where possible, 50% fuel loads

- No clouds, 10 NM spawn separation, and pylons removed where possible.

7. Discrepancies:

- In case of any discrepancies, track files will be used to verify the results.

8. Communication:

- All players are required to be on the Fox3 Discord. Matches will be announced to ensure smooth and efficient progression of the tournament.

9. Sportsmanship:

- Participants are expected to maintain good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Crying, complaining, and taunting are strictly prohibited.

10. Judges' Decisions:

- All judgments made by the Fox3 judges are final. Participants must continue until the judges declare the match over. The rule of the judges is absolute and binding.

By participating, you agree to adhere to these rules and respect the decisions made by the Fox3 judges. Enjoy the tournament and may the best pilot win!


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