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Update: DCSServerBot by SpecialK

Exciting news for all our aviation enthusiasts and members at Fox3! We're thrilled to share some progress on our collaboration with SpecialK, especially regarding the DCSServerBot that we've all been eagerly anticipating. Our journey towards integrating this innovative tool into our system has been both challenging and rewarding, with our dedicated teams working tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly.

As we navigate through the complexities of this integration, we're focusing on rigorous testing in our environments to guarantee full compatibility with our Air Wing Tiers and above only. This process involves a close partnership between our tech wizards and the experts at SpecialK, aiming to iron out the remaining kinks and ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved.

To bring this powerful bot to life on the Fox3 Servers, we'll be rolling up our sleeves to adjust some of our scripts and make room for a few technical enhancements. This includes setting up a Postgres database, configuring Python, and tweaking other backend necessities to welcome the DCSServerBot into our ecosystem.

Given the additional resources and administrative efforts required to maintain this new addition, we've decided to offer access to the bot for a nominal fee. This approach will help us sustain the high level of support and continuous improvement our community deserves.

Stay tuned for more updates as we edge closer to officially supporting the DCSServerBot on our servers. We're just as excited as you are to see how this advancement elevates our collective flying experience. Your patience and support mean the world to us, and we can't wait to embark on this new chapter together.


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