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Want a Persistent Campaign?

Pretense is a persistent campaign made for DCS by Dzsekeb

Pretense is similar to foothold, also created by Dzsekeb, which is widely accepted by the DCS community since it came out.

Pretense takes it to the next step with mission generator within the campaign for single or multiple players. The campaign runs VERY well on Fox3 Servers and is so much fun to play it's one of my personal favorites. Mission creators! Take a break and work this into your schedule, you can do it as a large group, small group or even individuals. The missions are realistic and the action never stops!

It is very easy to install and run, works on Squad Tier servers and above. we have not tested it on Value Tier or Co-op Tier, but I am pretty sure it will work fine.

Special thanks to Dzsekeb for all the hard work and dedication to the DCS Community.





Excellent work, but I have a question, this module requires DCS to be sanitized, I understand that FOX3 does not allow it.

Will you modify it?


Replying to

Perfect! Thanks

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