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Fox3 Welcomes Task Force Trident!

Task Force Trident DCS Realism Unit is a community of like-minded, adult, enthusiasts who embody “fun through realism” by utilizing the real-world aircraft, tactics, and weapons that the US Navy & US Air Force utilizes to project power globally. We strive to emulate NATO aviation operations with a group of adults who passionately enjoy DCS and realism gaming.

We are a semi-serious group emulating US Naval & US Air Force squadrons in a

modern-near modern environment.

As a group, we strive for realism and follow real-world procedures, tactics

, and training whilst keeping the fun aspects of the game intact.

We currently operate F-14 Tomcats, F/A-18 Hornets, F-16 Vipers, and F-15 Strike Eagles. We also have axillary squadrons that operate rotary wing assets and have a number of staff shops for members looking to get more involved! (edited)


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