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How many people can get on a DCS Server at once?

How many people can we stuff onto a DCS Server at the same time?

The good folks at Fox3 Managed Solutions hosts DCS servers for Virtual Pilots all over the world, have provided a server to us to test this.

We feel we can get 300+ people a single server and to test this we set up a mission to test it! Come and join us and help us see what the limit really is!

Take off will be September 5th at 1530 EST / 1930 GMT. Help us crash this server!

*** 3 lucky pilots will win a DCS module of their choice!

Tell your friends and invite your Virtual Wings!

We will meet on discord at 1500 EST / 1900 GMT

Check out our Facebook page or website for more information.

The server information search for:

Fox3 Managed Solutions | Special Events Server | 249


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